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Woodland was started by Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt solely for the purpose of having a place to do prep for their restaurant "Peckinpah" located down in Gastown because it was getting too busy and they needed more space.

They didn't know what they were looking for but they knew the space needed a kitchen exhaust and hopefully a fridge. Something in the 400-700 square foot range.

Unable to find what they wanted they decided to settle on the only space that they found. A shuttered bakery near the end of Commercial Drive, just off East Hastings. A 10000 square foot kitchen with 120ft of hood vent and over 1000 square feet of refrigeration. It was a big space.

Well about 10 minutes after signing the lease they came to the realization that they probably had settled on a few more square feet then they really needed and, apart from a floor hockey/pellet gun range, they had no idea what to do with the extra space.

So they did the obvious. They sent their Russian chef, Anatoli Belov, who was doing North Carolina style BBQ at Peckinpah, back to Russia and told him he had 6 weeks to brush up on everything he knew about sausages and curing meat. They were going to make artisanal salami's and sausages.

While Anatoli was off immersing himself in old world techniques Tyson and Ryan decided to design Woodland not as one large production facility, but as group of smaller work stations that  people could rent on daily, weekly, or monthly bases. They also decided to attach a store front/deli that sold not only their products, but those made by the people renting space off of them.  

So, what started off as a prep kitchen has now grown into a food business incubator selling hand crafted cured meats alongside some of Vancouver’s most popular start-ups.  


How we got started ...

What we do...

Our goal is to make the best smoked and cured meats we possibly can. We try to source all of our ingredients from the best local suppliers and farms.

If you start with the best tasting ingredients and treat them with respect then the end result will always be quality.

We love cured and smoked meats and because of that we want to make the best product we can. Why? Because we eat it, and nobody likes to eat crappy food.




Hey,what about nitrates..?

Yes, we use nitrites along with kosher salt and/or sea salt. Nitrites are a naturaly occuring in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, celery, beets & spinach. We add nitrites because it inhibits the growth of bacteria and keep the natural color of the pork. If we didn't you'd see a display case full of brown meat that wouldn't taste too good after a week.

All cured meats contain nitrites in some form. What we use is  concentrated celery juice, or CCE, which is considered a "Natural nitrite" and allows us to say "no artificial nitrites", but really it's the same thing.

If you're concerned about nitrites then know this, you can eat a cup of our salami or eat a cup of celery.